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Trọng kính;

Thích Không Tánh.


Tuyên bố của Hội Đồng Liên Tôn về tình hình Việt Nam và thế giới



Considering events of the first half of 2020 that may change the world, the Interfaith Council of Vietnam respectfully declares:

I. Strongly condemning religious repression and human rights violations in Vietnam


The Vietnamese government has systematically suppressed religion. Unable to destroy, they sought to control. Independent religions are harassed, isolated, and eliminated by the government in any way possible. Officials of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam are always under surveillance. Some specific cases are as follows:

Buddhism: The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam is almost completely annihilated. Independent dignitaries and followers are often monitored and threatened. Many pagodas were destroyed but not compensated such as Lien Tri Pagoda in Thu Thiem, An Cu Pagoda in Da Nang and Son Linh Pagoda in Kontum. Independent religious activities are hindered or restricted. Funeral and traditional memorial services on 49th and 100th days of the late Fifth Supreme Patriarch Thich Quang Do were put under quarantine. Buddhists were not allowed to attend.

CaoDaism: The persecution continues in many places. In Tay Ninh, the Governing Council (state-owned) does not allow followers of Cao Dai Chan Truyen (Traditional) to be buried in the Holy See cemetery, established in 1926. In March, the police harassed and prohibited fellow believers from commemorating the 7th anniversary of the destruction of Tuy An Holy House (Phu Yen Province) by the government. On June 18, 2020, the authorities organized an attack to occupy Hieu Xuong Holy House (Phu Yen Province), managed by Sub-Dignitary Cao Van Minh, representing the Central region of Cao Dai Chon Truyen. Sub-Dignitary Hua Phi’s passport confiscated in 2014 has not been returned.

Catholicism: The confiscated Church’s assets have not been resolved, such as Hoan Thien Minor Seminary (Hue), Apostolic Nunciature and the Archbishop’s Land in Hanoi, Thu Thiem Parish and the Congregation of the Cross, Tam Toa Parish Church (Quang Binh Province), Loc Hung Parish (Saigon) (demolished). Thien An Monastery is under constant attack. Many Catholic dignitaries, including Father Dang Huu Nam, have been repeatedly harassed, threatened, prosecuted, assaulted, and pressured by authorities to be transferred or stopped pastoral. Rev. Nguyen Van Ly, after 5 years of imprisonment totaling more than 22 years, is still on probation indefinitely at the Friendship House of the Archdiocese of Hue.

Hoa Hao Buddhism: The properties of the Church confiscated since 1975 have not been returned. The last relic, An Hoa Tu Pagoda, was gradually changed by the state-owned church organization, destroying the historical and cultural heritage of the Church. Many followers are still detained, such as Mr. Bui Van Tham, Mr. Bui Van Trung and Mr. Vuong Van Tha, whom relatives are not allowed to see. The Great Commemoration Ceremonies (February 25 and May 18 of Lunar Calendar) were prevented by the authorities, circumventing attendance from followers. Church Dignitaries are often harassed, many of them are not allowed to leave their homes. After the May 18 ceremony, some dignitaries were accused by the police as attacking and slandering that the government suppresses the Hoa Hao Buddhist Church.

Protestantism: Police still regularly monitor, block, and terrorize independent churches in all three regions, including the Central Highlands Ethnic Churches. Many pastors and believers are still in prison including Pastor Nguyen Trung Ton, Pastor Dinh Dien, and many other Pastors and Devotees.


The government has increased the arrests, detentions, and unfair trials of peaceful citizens who have advocated for social justice, democracy, freedom and human rights; and against corruption, injustice and China expansion. Many people who only express their opinions on social networks are also heavily convicted. Specifically, members of the Independent Journalists Association of Vietnam, democracy activists, petitioners, activists for land coercion and murder of Mr. Le Dinh Kinh who were over 80 years old in Dong Tam commune, Hanoi. There are currently over 300 political and religious prisoners in Vietnam (reported by the Vietnam Human Rights Network).

II. Severely condemning China for attempts to rule the world, human rights violations and the concealment of Wuhan Coronavirus

China applies the „Belt and Road Initiative“ to expand throughout the world including Vietnam, forcing small countries to become vassals, using force to occupy the South China Sea, intimidating fishermen, violating the EEZ of Vietnam’s and Southeast Asian countries, despite the 1982 UNCLOS maritime law and in disregard of the La Hayes Arbitration Tribunal’s ruling on illegal nine-dash lines.

We support the referendum on the South China Sea, with 95% of one million people responded after two months agreeing with bringing China to international courts. We call on the Vietnamese people at home and abroad to participate in order to pressure the Government of Vietnam to meet the aspirations of the people.

Under a totalitarian regime, the Chinese authorities have eradicated religions, brutally suppressed Chinese people including intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, religious dignitaries, imprisoned millions of Uyghurs, oppressed the Tibetan people, imposed security laws on Hong Kong, and threatened to occupy Taiwan by force.

Regarding the Wuhan pandemic, more and more witnesses are accusing the Chinese authorities of hiding the truth, which has caused the entire world to suffer the most devastating destruction in human history. The Chinese Communist Party is solely responsible for these damages.

III. Support U.S. policy on current world issues:

– The US Government has issued an Executive Order on International Religious Freedom, affirming that the United States’ commitment on international religious freedom.

– President Donald Trump has a clear understanding of Socialism and Communism, which are the source of suffering and the means to support totalitarian regimes.

– The United States has recently announced a tough stance on the South China Sea; rejecting all unlawful claims about China’s U-shaped line; advocating respect for international law; protecting freedom of navigation, security and prosperity; supporting countries that have been encroached and bullied by China in the region; and supporting Taiwan.

– The United States has taken appropriate measures against human rights violations and illicit commercial practices of China.

We fully support the strong policy and determination of President Donald Trump’s Government to prevent the expansion of China and to create a new world order of peace and prosperity.

IV. Supporting all international advocacy efforts to implement the important provisions of the Paris Agreement of January 27, 1973 and the International Convention of March 2, 1973

The fundamental legal values of the Paris Agreement on Freedom and Democracy, Rights of Self-Determination and Territorial Integrity of Vietnam need to be respected and restored.

V. Calling on the Vietnamese people at home and abroad to unite to save the country, dissolve the totalitarian regime, establish a free, democratic system of government, build a peaceful and prosperous nation and protect Vietnam’s independence.

VI. Petitioning the international community to support the Vietnamese people to achieve their goals.

The Vietnamese people have suffered much under the injustice of communist dictatorship and corruption and the threat of foreign aggression, we look forward to the international community for support of our nation’s struggle so it can soon succeed.

Done in Vietnam on  August 1, 2020

On Behalf of the Interfaith Council of Vietnam


Venerable Thich Khong Tanh: (Tel: 035.6789.881).

Priest Nguyen Van Ly: (Tel:

Sub-Dignitary Hua Phi: (Tel: 033.3273.240)

Mr. Le Van Soc: (Tel: 096.4199.039).

Pastor Nguyen Hoang Hoa: (Tel: 0121.9460.045).

General Secretary: Mr. Le Quang Hien: (Tel: 037.292.1234).

Representative of Overseas Liaison Office: Dr. Do Van Hoi

Tel. 407-927-0014. Email: vpllhn.hdltvn@gmail.com

Or: Overseas.ifcvn@gmail.com

Website (Website): https://hdltvn.org/

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